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Birmingham, 07/02/1947
University of Oxford
Linacre College
Roger Holdsworth Aracne editrice

Roger V. Holdsworth, formerly a Research Fellow in English Literature at the University of Manchester, is a member of Linacre College, Oxford. He also teaches at the University of Bari. His main fields of research are early modern English drama, contemporary drama (particularly Rattigan, Pinter, and Orton), and the poetry of the Pre-Raphaelite and Aesthetic movements. His publications include Arthur Symons: Selected Poetry and Prose (1974); the editions of Thomas Middleton’s and William Rowley’s A Fair Quarrel (1974) and Ben Jonson’s Epicoene, or, the Silent Woman (1979) in the New Mermaids series; and studies of Middleton’s tragedies in Three Jacobean Revenge Tragedies (1990). His work on early dramatic authorship includes a survey of the evidential value of stage directions in Memoria di Shakespeare (2012), and a chapter on Middleton’s relations with Shakespeare and the King’s Men in The New Oxford Shakespeare Authorship Companion (2017).
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