Advances in Group Theory and Applications
Aracne for AGTA
Aims and Scope

The journal Advances in Group Theory and Applications is a publication issued by the no profit association AGTA with the aim of publishing high-quality research papers containing original and significant results in any topic of group theory and its applications. Papers are accepted after a rigorous peer-review process.Advances in Group Theory and Applications is an open access journal, i.e. all accepted papers are immediately and freely available on this web site. There are no publication processing charges, since all costs associated with the publication and production are covered by the association AGTA. AGTA wishes that the journal could be a reference point for all group theorists, and in particular for the young ones; to this aim the journal also contains a section of open problems.

Istructions for authors

The submission of a paper to Advances in Group Theory and Applications implies that it has not been previously published (in any language) and that it has not under evaluation for publication elsewhere; moreover, its submission must be approved by all coauthors (if any). If the paper is accepted for publication, the authors are assumed to have transferred the copyright to AGTA. In the preparation of a paper for submission, the author should respect the following rules: a) the paper must be written in English;b) the first page of the paper must contain the title (chosen in a concise but understandable way), the name and the family name of each author (with indication of the corresponding author), a short abstract describing the purpose of the research and (eventually) the main results, the 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification codes and the keywords;c) references must be numbered consecutively (in arabic numbers) and alphabetically named by the first author’s family name; the list of references cannot contain entries which are not cited in the text; d) acknowledgments and financial supports must be put at the end of the text, before the list of references; e) footnotes should not be used; f) the affiliation and the complete address of each author (including e-mail) must be put at the end of the paper.After acceptance of a paper, the author(s) will be required to prepare their work using the LaTex style of the journal, that can be downloaded from the website of the journal together with an example of a final compilation.

Submission of a Paper

Author registration is a preliminary step for the submission of a paper. A manuscript can be submitted as a single PDF file with the same title of the paper, via the online submission system of the journal, which is available after registration. During the submission process, authors will be asked to select an editor, who will be responsible for the evaluation of the paper. Note that the email address given in the registration will be used for any correspondance to the author.

Advances in Group Theory and Applications (AGTA) is indexed in SCOPUS from January 2019
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