Virgilio Ilari, Clausewitz in Italia e altri scritti di storia militare. Conclusioni di Luigi Loreto, Canterano (RM)Aracne editrice, 2019, pp. 290. A review by Andrea Polegato, in Nuova Antologia Militare, issue 3/2020.

Clausewitz in Italia is a composite volume authored by Virgilio Ilari, former Professor of Roman Law and History of Military Institutions at the Catholic University of Milan. The volume contains 12 essays ranging from Clausewitz’ Vom Kriege (On War) and its reception in Italy, the notions of histoire-bataille, Naval History, and Roman sea power, the use of Thucydides in the US military rhetoric, to the modern notion of strategy, the stereotype about the cowardly nature of Italian people, and the need for an epistemology in military history. Some of these essays are published for the first time while the others, already published in the last two decades, have been revised and expanded. Through an extremely rich apparatus of notes and bibliographical references, Ilari’s dense writings not only managed to accurately reconstruct themes that are particularly relevant for military history but also to contextualize these themes by linking them with the cultural and geopolitical changes occurred throughout the centuries in the West. Moreover, Ilari’s essays represent an opportunity for the author to discuss his research methodology by focusing on the concept of history and its relationship with military studies and, more in general, with social sciences.

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