Basics of Dermatology

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Area 06 – Scienze mediche
Basics of Dermatology is a comprehensive introduction to the daily practice occurring in the care for the most common skin ailments; it is targeted primarily at students, but is also an excellent read for anyone interested in a short yet thorough overview on the fundamentals of dermatology. Thanks to this ease of use it is an ideal resource even for specialists who might want to refresh on skin pathology related to other disease processes. With more than 130 detailed illustrations and pictures from real cases and chapters written with the uninitiated in mind, this book offers a solid foundation and a trustworthy companion for the reader.
pagine: 272
formato: digitale
ISBN: 978-88-85625-39-6
data pubblicazione: Maggio 2019
marchio editoriale: Salus Internazionale ECM
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