Light Works
Experimental Projection Mapping
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Area 08 – Ingegneria civile e Architettura
This book shows 50 works chosen with the help of Cristina Di Pasquali among the most representative performed in the world. Each job is represented by an image and accompanied by the description of the work, the biography of the author and reference links. In addition, each work has an QR code so that through the book, with a tablet or smart phone you can immediately enjoy the moving images, that best illustrate and represent the magic of Mapping more than what the book can do. This book continue the search for new ways to experience the light and that is why the author chose to focus the research on what is called “ Projection Mapping “ in the U.S., “Video Mapping“ outside the USA and simply “mapping” in Italy. All of these terms define a technique that consists in projecting images or two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphical effects on a surface which can be as well two-dimensional or three-dimensional. The mapping is increasingly being used in Italy in advertising and in the performances on the square and at weekends. Many times , however, the projections of images on the buildings do not find any topological correspondence with the buildings that are used as simple screens , this technique is improperly called Mapping and has little interest in documentary. Mapping the other hand, as the name implies , involves the mapping of the object on which the projections are made and it is required to detect on it a grid of points or positions used to overwrite the images and the projected effects..
pagine: 108
pagine: 21,6 x 28
ISBN: 978-88-548-7148-9
data pubblicazione: Luglio 2014
editore: Aracne
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