Spiritual Economy
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Area 15 – Scienze teologico-religiose
Spiritual Economy is a book written both in the spirit of Christianity and in the discipline of philosophical studies and concepts of classical oriental epistemology and theory of knowledge. It casts light on human economic activities from a totally different angle rather than regular and traditional economics: the angle of Spiritual Influences, presenting a thoroughly new and paradoxical concept of strategic and philosophical approach in the understanding of the economic performances, conducts and activities in human society. Spiritual Economy considers the devaluation of currency in “Spiritual Finance”, the “Totalitarian Market Economy”, the “Shortage Economy”, as well as the “Spiritual Luxury and Artifact Businesses”, in an in-depth disclosing of the fundamental laws and rules of “paradoxical” economic activities as under the influences of the Spirit. A study of paradoxical economics, the Spiritual Economy is a new school of learning itself.
pagine: 252
pagine: 14 x 21
ISBN: 978-88-548-6749-9
data pubblicazione: Dicembre 2013
editore: Aracne
collana: Le vie del sé autentico | 2
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