The Infinite Names of the Angel
Images of the Invisible in Walter Benjamin and Paul Klee

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Area 06 – Scienze mediche
The Infinite Names of the Angel confronts us with the issue of whether it would be possible to establish substantial connections between art and philosophy, and thought and poetry and invites us to perceive some common ground between the logic of thought and figuration. Midway between art and poetry, this volume brings to light a transversal journey connecting that figurative idea of the Swiss artist, Paul Klee, and the reflections of Berliner philosopher, Walter Benjamin, in the effort to show a common determination to interpret the cultural phenomena of our time so as to instill in us a new sense of freedom and disclose those horizons we all seek. Benjamin’s interpretation of the Angelus Novus is a reflection and summary of the most important pictorial and poetic choices of Paul Klee: he regards the Angel as New, as also new is the time in which we seek a correct representation ,to be found by doubly retracing and uniting in a tight knit, the hopes of both Benjamin and Klee who have handed down to us their hope for redemption and testimony of freedom, the creativity of which urges us each day beyond nihilism, to land beyond anguish and find unceasing authenticity.
pagine: 152
formato: 14 x 21
ISBN: 978-88-548-6274-6
data pubblicazione: Settembre 2013
marchio editoriale: Aracne
collana: Inconscio e società | 4
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