Advances in Transportation Studies

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Section AK. ?apek, J-P. Pitkänen, J. Niittymäki, Evaluating the impacts of ITS applications using microscopic traffic simulators M. Winkler, W.D. Fan, Evaluating impacts on freeway capacity using VISSIM: accounting for truck lane restrictions, driver behavior, and interchange densityK. Younsi, J. Floris, B. Rajaonah, P. Simon, P. Loslever, J-C. Popieul, Study of driver’s behavior during overtaking situations G. Vidotto, A. Bastianelli, A. Spoto, F. Sergeys, Hazard Perception in teenagers: an effectiveness study of a virtual riding trainerSection BM.O. Haque, Road casualty in Brunei Darussalam: country commentaryS. Bendak, An in-depth analysis of red light crossing problem in Saudi ArabiaJ. Zhao, H. Zhou, H. Chen, P. Hsu, Safety effects of left exit on freeway: a case study in Florida, USAM. Meskali, S. Hirt, I. Aillerie, G. Gineyt, N. Louveton, C. Berthelon, Effect of moderated doses of alcohol on behavior of drivers confronted to simulated scenarios of accident
pagine: 96
formato: 17 x 24
ISBN: 978-88-548-4308-
data pubblicazione: Settembre 2015
marchio editoriale: Aracne
rivista: Advances in Transportation Studies | 2011/25
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