Advances in Transportation Studies

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ContentsDriving simulator applications in research and clinical practiceR.W. Allen, S. Classen, M. Cook Simulator methodologies for investigating fatigue and stress in the automated vehicleC. Neubauer, G. Matthews, D. Saxby, L. LangheimInvestigating design issues for the use of touchpad technology within vehiclesG.E. Burnett, L. Millen, G. Lawson, C. PickeringSimulated lane departure warning system reduces the width of lane that drivers useN.W. Mullen, M. Bédard, J.A. Riendeau, T.J. Rosenthal Simulator sickness among returning combat veterans with mild traumatic brain injury and/or post-traumatic stress disorderS. Classen, A.B. Owens Validation of driving simulators O. ShechtmanInvestigating motorcycle rider behaviour: developing an integrated experiment approachA.W. Stedmon, D. Crundall, E. Crundall, A. Irune, R. Saikayasit, E. van Loon, P. Ward, N. GreigDriver behavior and advanced driver assistance systems: an exploratory driving simulator studyB.B. Martin, L. Elefteriadou Using electrooculography for glance analysis during simulated drivingL. Morrison, B. Weaver, N.W. Mullen, M. Bédard
pagine: 96
formato: 17 x 24
ISBN: 978-88-548-4165-9
data pubblicazione: Luglio 2011
marchio editoriale: Aracne
rivista: Advances in Transportation Studies | 2010/si
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