Advances in Transportation Studies

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Section AM. Alonso, J. Plaza 5 Developing HMI components for a driver assistance system for safe speed and safe distanceN. Sparwasser, H. Friedl, T. Krauß SimWorld – automatic generation of realistic landscapeR. Meisner, M. Stöbemodels for real time simulation environments – a remote sensing and GIS-data based processing chainJ. Olstam, S. Espié Combination of autonomous and controlled vehicles in driving simulator scenariosN-E. El Faouzi, O. de Mouzon, Assessing the changes in operating traffic streamR. Billot, J. Sau conditions due to weather conditionsSection BD. B. Clarke, X. Yan Retroreflectivity performance of 90-mil thermoplastic longitudinal pavement markings during the early application periodV. Muchuruza, R. Moses, G. Thuo Estimating the probability of rear-end crashes from a behavioral cellular-based traffic modelD. Chimba, T. Sando Multinomial probability assessment of motorcycle injury severitiesM. Zajicek, I-M. Jonsson Simulator based in-car system evaluation with older adultsM. Gzik Modelling of human spine and biomechanical analysis of correlations between human body movement and internal forces
pagine: 96
formato: 17 x 24
ISBN: 978-88-548-3374-6
data pubblicazione: Luglio 2010
marchio editoriale: Aracne
rivista: Advances in Transportation Studies | 2010/21
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