Historical type collections of fossil Corallinales and Sporolithales (Rhodophyta) in the Dip.Te.Ris.

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This book provides an analysis of 12 historical collections of fossil coralline algae (Rhodophyta) housed in the Dip.Te.Ris. of the Genova University, Italy. The material was originally collected by M. Airoldi, S. Conti and V.I. Mastrorilli between the thirties and the seventies in Cenozoic outcrops of Northern Italy, Somalia, Canary Islands, Vienna Basin and in the Pleistocene of Somalia and Dahlac Islands. The collections represent almost forty years of the Italian scientific research on fossil calcareous red algae, and contain the type material of 96 species. Some of them have been already revised, other are in crucial need of revision, by means of modern techniques and the current taxonomic approach.Grazia Vannucci is Professor of Palaeontology and Palaeoecology at the Dip.Te.Ris. of the Genova University. She received from V.I. Mastrorilli the heritage of the coralline algae historical collections in Genova, and since then she leads the Italian research in taxonomy, palaeoecology and biogeography of fossil coralline algae.Francesca Quaranta, PhD, is involved in coralline algae research since her PhD at the Dip.Te.Ris. of the Genova University. Her studies focus on fossil coralline algae taxonomy and its implications on biostratigraphy, paleobiogeography and paleoecology.Daniela Basso, PhD, is Professor of Palaeontology and Palaeoecology at the Dept. of Geological Sciences and Geotechnologies of the Milano-Bicocca University. Her interest in Corallinales, both living and fossils, has produced several publications on International journals, focussed on coralline systematics, ecology, palaeoecology, and biogeochemistry.
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data pubblicazione: Febbraio 2010
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