Atlas of the Honeydew Producing Conifer Aphids of Europe
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This atlas provides detailed data on those conifer aphid species (Insecta Aphididae) excreting a lot of honeydew as important source for the “forest-honey” production. The atlas deals with tribus Eulachnini in Europe and treates n. 35 species for each of them a sheet is given including the whole updated information. The book is accompanied by a series of drawings and pictures. It includes keys to species, one key for each host conifer genus. On this basis a correct identification of aphids is rather easy also by the not specialized reader. The whole information given on the life cycles and ecology of the species can turn in useful also to a better forecasting of the unusual honeydew flows denoting possible aphid outbreaks to the detriment of the attacked conifer stands. The atlas can be useful to natural scientists, biologists, zoologists and entomologists as well as to bee-keepers and forest technicians.Andrea Binazzi Research-Executive of the Agricultural Research Council (CRA) in the Research Centre for the Agrobiology and Pedology (ABP) of Florence (I) (ex-ISZA). Since 1973, he has carried out studies on forest entomology and tree aphids mostly of conifers.Stephan Scheuer Retired Researcher of the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Berlin (D) in the Department of Pest Sciences and Consultation. He is also “Privat-Dozent” in Urban Zoology and Entomology in the Institute of Zoology of the Free University of Berlin. He is specialised in ants, urban arthropods and forest aphids.
pagine: 132
formato: 21 x 29,7
ISBN: 978-88-548-2508-6
data pubblicazione: Maggio 2009
editore: Aracne
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