Biological Experiments in Space

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Area 05 – Scienze biologiche
Space is a special environment where even the most intuitive and elementary concepts and instincts are not obvious anymore. However, it is still a fascinating environment where performing biological experiments to address basic questions on life evolution and to reach more applied objectives. While staying in space, organisms are exposed to “new environmental factors” or to the same factors acting on Earth but at very different levels. The permanence of mankind in Space for long periods depends not only on the direct effect of these factors on human organism but also on response of vegetal organisms. Indeed, plants are key organisms in Bio–regenerative systems and have positive psychological effects against isolation. This book reports the experience of students and researchers who executed an experiment in space, having both biological and engineering objectives. It can be considered a sample guide for the other students that will face similar challenges in the future.Veronica De Micco is a researcher in Environmental and Applied Botany at the University of Naples Federico II. She investigates the adaptive strategies of plants expressed mainly at vascular level.Giovanna Aronne is professor of Environmental and Applied Botany at the University of Naples. Her research interests regard mainly reproductive and adaptive strategies of plants in changing environments.
pagine: 96
formato: 16 x 24
ISBN: 978-88-548-2150-7
data pubblicazione: Novembre 2008
marchio editoriale: Aracne
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