Advances in Transportation Studies

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Advances in Transportation Studies is a quarterly (four-monthly) and a refereed journal that contains international and national review papers on the most recent outcomes of studies and advanced research in the field of Road and Highway Engineering with a particular focus on the safety, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of transport. Topics discussed examining design standards and regulations, impact of human factors on facilities design, geometry, facilities construction, pavement design and management for safety improvement, environmental impact make it essential reading for Transportation Scholars and Researchers, Transportation Facilities Engineers, Transportation planners and Modellers.Moreover special issues on particular topics, such as policy analysis, formulation and evaluation, interaction with the political and socio-economic environment, management and evaluation of trasportation systems, are published from time to time and provide a wide range of information for Administrators and Policy Analysts, too. The journal contains in-depth, state-of-the-art papers on transport topics.CONTENTSApplication of driving simulation to road safety (R.W. Allen, M.L. Cook, T.J. Rosenthal)Study of passing gap acceptance behavior using a driving simulator (H. Farah, A. Polus, S. Bekhor, T. Toledo)Visual inspections made by young and elderly drivers before lane changing (M. Lavallière, N. Teasdale, M. Tremblay, N. Ngân, M. Simoneau, D. Laurendeau)Locating in car controls: predicting the effects of varying design layout (A. Irune, G.E. Burnett)Driving simulator sickness and validity: how important is it to use real car cabins? (G.E. Burnett, A. Irune, A. Mowforth)Driver training using fused reality (E. Bachelder, G. Park, W. San Joe)Validation of speed perception and production in single screen simulator (D. Shinar, A. Ronen)The relationship between chronic sleep deficit and distractions in young adult drivers (O.S. Fagbemi, K. Pfeffer)The impairing effects of alcohol intoxication and speeding on driving precision: analyses of additive and interactive effects (M.T. Fillmore, E.L.R. Harrison)A simulator for assessing older driver skills (G.D. Park, M.L. Cook, D. Fiorentino)Validity of driving simulator in assessing drivers with Parkinson’s disease (H. Lee, T. Falkmer, L. Rosenwax, R. Cordell, A. Granger, B. Vieira, A. Lee)Driving and activation of mental concepts (R. Höger, J. Seidenstücker)
pagine: 96
formato: 17 x 24
ISBN: 978-88-548-1817-0
data pubblicazione: Giugno 2008
marchio editoriale: Aracne
rivista: Advances in Transportation Studies | 2007/si
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