Only Women can Avoid the Extinction of the Human Race

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Area 05 – Scienze biologiche
As the tragic history of mankind unfolds throughout the book, it becomes obvious that, during the last 4,000 years, the nefarious human behaviour is a far more serious problem than the often virulent diatribe between Religions and Science. It is regrettable that the proponents of the Intelligent Design have promoted a revolution against the atheists and evolutionists. After all, as it is impossible to prove God’s ‘existence, let us leave believers in their happy world but let us see if we can improve life for the future generations. Although humans are supposed to be the most intelligent creatures on Earth, all the horrors, caused by the arrogance and bellicosity of the human male, more or less favoured by religious beliefs, question the validity of this statement. From the time we diverged from chimpanzees about six million years ago, it has become evident that the slow evolution of the human brain has been a fantastic but imperfect feat because the Homo Sapiens genus has proved to be too evil. We have now gained evidence that, for several biological reasons, the woman’s brain has evolved to be more tolerant but, unfortunately, women have always been kept in a subordinate position. Based on scientific data, it is proposed to re–evaluate and support the role of women in our society by giving them a fair possibility to lead mankind towards a more peaceful and happier existence. Although this is a difficult proposition, the readers of this book might help to reach this critical objective.Velio Bocci has a Medical degree and is a specialist in Respiratory Diseases and in Hematology. Since May 2003, he is Emeritus Professor of Physiology at the University of Siena, Italy. So far he has published four books and about 440 papers in scientific journals.
pagine: 164
formato: 17 x 24
ISBN: 978-88-548-1415-8
data pubblicazione: Novembre 2015
marchio editoriale: Aracne
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