English across Disciplines: From Theory to Practice

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Area 10 – Scienze dell'antichità, filologico-letterarie e storico-artistiche
English across disciplines (volume I) is intended for university students who wish to become intercultural mediators in order to work in contact with immigrants/migrants, diaspora subjects and people continually on the move. Intercultural mediators should develop total awareness of the interdisciplinary connection among diverse research fields where intercultural communication is involved, and of the role of English as a language of communication and socio-cultural relations and as the language of technology and the media. This volume seeks to provide a critical and theoretical framework exploring the most influential developments in the areas of intercultural communication and translation studies. It also analyses recent studies about the function of English as a global language and as an instrument of contact among different cultures and linguistic varieties arising from the links between English and various local languages. Particular attention is devoted to the convergence of disciplines such as intercultural communication studies (ICS), translation studies (TS) and English studies with regard to the role of English as an intercultural language. The whole work is divided into two volumes: the present volume I (Theory) is essentially theoretical, whereas the forthcoming volume II (Practice) will be a practical focus on the use of the English language across disciplines and will concentrate on a pragmatic dimension, where the learning of English will be explored through the reading and comprehension of passages related to the disciplines examined in the theoretical section.Alessandra Rizzo (MA and PhD in Literary Translation at the University of Essex) is researcher in English at the University of Palermo (Faculty of Educational Sciences). Her main research interests focus on translation studies, travel literature, intercultural communication, colonial representations in nineteenth-century travel writing about Sicily, diaspora and migration contexts. She is the author of Living in Translated Worlds. Transitional Realism and its Cultural Translations. Bennett, Lawrence, Verga (2004) and she has published various essays concerning translation theory and practice, globalisation, travel literature and cultural mediation. She has also translated essays by Margaret Drabble, Elaine Showalter and Marina Warner.
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data pubblicazione: Luglio 2007
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