A brief review on Quantum Computing and the Shor’s Factoring Algorithm
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Quantum Information and Quantum Computation are rapidly evolving domains in their theoretical foundations, implementations and applications. The main scope of the present book is to give the basic ideas of this field to undergraduate students in Physics. A rigorous approach is used to provide the key concepts and methods. Many examples are discussed. To be self–contained, the principles of Quantum Mechanics are reviewed. The discussion is aimed to the specific, but paradigmatic, factorization problem of integers, dealt by the Quantum Shor's Algorithm. Thus, notions of the Number Theory are given in the first Chapter, while the exposition of the algorithm and its implementation is reserved to the last Section.

Luigi Martina is associate professor of Theoretical Physics to the Faculty of Science at the Lecce University. He is author of numerous works published on international journals, ranging from the integrability properties of partial differential equations, solitons, applied group theory, the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect and the field theory in non commutative geometries.

Giulio Soliani is full professor of Theoretical Physics to the Faculty of Science at the Lecce University. He is author of hundreds among articles and books, covering a large spectrum in the physics of nonlinear phenomena: integrability and symmetries of partial and ordinary differential equations, Hamiltonian structures, spin systems, Quantum Optics and Computation, creating a research group devoted to these themes.
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data pubblicazione: Settembre 2006
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