Per una modellistica delle forme partecipative alle arene deliberative
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The enactment of the new Law on Social Assistance (328/2000) represents an important change in the way of planning and managing welfare services in Italy, thus increasingly promoting devolution of regulatory functions to the local actors involved in the local governance networks. Under such a framework, the current work aims at analysing the interaction between public administration and third sector organisations, especially focusing on their role of representatives of the interests of the citizen-users inside the policy making process.In the first part we consider the different models developed in the framework of the policy making debate, from the first models provided within the Neocorporatism studies, to the more recent studies which refer to the ongoing importance that public-private partnership has been obtaining in the local welfare arrangements.In the second part, we deal with the identification of a model of policy making participation, able to consider not only the different situations raised by the real construction of the inclusive deliberation areas, but also the different levels of social participation in the policy making process.In the last part we anticipate some results of a research made at the level of the Piano Regolatore Sociale — Social Strategic Plan — of the City of Rome and at level of the Pinai di Zona — Local Social Plans — of four municipalities, where the ways of the real realisation of the inclusive deliberation areas were studied.Andrea Ciarini è dottorando in Sistemi sociali e analisi delle politiche pubbliche presso il Dipartimento Innovazione e Società dell'Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”.
pagine: 36
formato: 17 x 24
ISBN: 978-88-548-0624-5
data pubblicazione: Luglio 2006
editore: Aracne
collana: Dipartimento Innovazione e Società della “Sapienza” Università di Roma | 6
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