Recent Mathematical Models: A Synopsis
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We present here a brief review, which we do not claim to be complete, of some aspects of the recent literature on mathematical tumor modelling. The aim is to provide a very general introduction to the subject rather than a detailed analysis of the models. These notes serve as support for some topics of the newly opened course “Modelli Biomatematici” in the Mathematics program at the University of Torino. They contain a basic bibliography, which the interested reader may enlarge with the further specialized references of the papers cited here.Dr. Ezio Venturino is Professor of Numerical Analysis in the Mathematics Department, University of Torino. Author of about 70 refereed papers and more than 20 on conference proceedings, both in numerical analysis and biomathematical models, he has research experience in several international research Institutions.Dr. Sergei Petrovskii is a Senior Scientist in the Theoretical Department, Shirshov Institute for Oceanology, Russian Academy of Science. He has published about 60 scientific refereed papers in applied mathematics, focusing on biomathematics and ecological modeling. He is elected member of the Moscow Mathematical Society (1992) and member of the Editorial Board of Ecological Complexity.
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data pubblicazione: Novembre 2005
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