How the Communication of CBRNe Events Changes in the Era of Social Media and Fake News

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Area 02 – Scienze fisiche
The advent of social media has had an important impact on communication, providing new and more effective tools for the circulation of ideas and information, but also reinforcing pre–existing problems such as disintermediation, polarization, fake news, conspiracy theories and cognitive biases, which in the new social world have found perfect habitat to make their harmful influence felt. The author describes these issues and provides an integrated overview of their interrelations, with a special regard to emergency situations. Lastly, he propose the creation of a communication plan for emergencies, built taking into account all that emerged from the previous analysis.
pagine: 144
formato: 17 x 24
ISBN: 978-88-255-3181-7
data pubblicazione: Marzo 2020
marchio editoriale: Aracne
collana: CBRNe Book Series | 17
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