Countering radiological and nuclear threats
Proceedings of the 4th International CBRNe Workshop, “IW CBRNe 2018”

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Area 02 – Scienze fisiche
Large scale radiological emergencies are associated with the unexpected outbreak, rapid development and large uncertainty regarding the scale and degree of contamination due to release, particularly at the very beginning. As a result, specially trained and dedicated radiation surveillance forces and facilities will not be able to come to the scene and promptly collect the data needed for decision making and countermeasure planning and implementation. The experience of past radiological emergencies shows that, at this stage, the lack of dedicated official measurements maybe addressed by the unplanned measurements done on some occasions by non–professionals using, sometimes, improvised measurement instruments. The radiological emergencies, the innovative solutions and products as well as the progress on research are explained in this book.
pagine: 448
formato: digitale
ISBN: 978-88-255-3153-4
data pubblicazione: Marzo 2020
marchio editoriale: Aracne
collana: CBRNe Book Series | 15
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