Identity Issues in the Western Balkans
The cases of Albania and Montenegro

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Area 11 – Scienze storiche, filosofiche, pedagogiche e psicologiche
The book examines the issue of territorial identity in the Western Balkans with two main goals: analyze the geographic area without any prejudice and identify the factors by which the different communities could pursue their present and future paths. The Balkan communities have also to deal with an organization like the European Union, in which they will be allowed to join as long as they focus on the historical–geographic complexities of their territory, the occurred political processes and the dismemberments they had undergone. Hence, the book shows the importance of distinguishing between coming from a country and feeling as an integral part of it; to show such a difference, it examines two proposed cases, the formation of Albanian borders and the creation of the Montenegrin state.
pagine: 112
formato: 17 x 24
ISBN: 978-88-255-2643-1
data pubblicazione: Luglio 2019
marchio editoriale: Aracne
collana: Ambiente fisico e territorio | 14
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