Urban renewal: from demolition to regeneration economic and environmental conveniences
The situation of building heritage requires an urgent regeneration to restore the lost quality andredefine the existing space. We present a building intervention characterized by sustainability, aimedat reducing the consumption of resources starting from the soil. In building renewal it is desirable thechoice of least invasive interventions that do not affect the existing building, in some cases, however,the presence of significant degradation problems requires the demolition of the building or of itsportions.In order to ensure the sustainability of the process, the demolition has to be done selectively, throughthe programming of execution steps and the choice of the modality of deconstruction to ensure theseparation of materials, according to homogeneous fractions, and safeguard their integrity. Withinthis process, there are new organizations and an evolution of the concept of selective demolition. In anexperience conducted in Spain, for example, we found a reconfiguration of building companies, witha peculiar enrichment of the skills: the companies that works in the field of deconstruction, indeed,also open a shop, albeit niche, whose products are the same derived from actions of demolition. Thisway stimulates a "short chain" where the demolition products, generally carried out in the territoriesof the company, are stoked in local stores so as to limit the impact of transport.It is configured an innovative approach that helps to offset the economic limits of selective demolition,triggering short chain of materials and components in a new green local economy. As support, it isdescribed an exemple of experimental selective demolition, made in the Massamagrell village, nearValencia; the steps and the time schedule of demolition are illustrated, calculating the reusablematerials and the recyclable fractions. Economic and environmental assessments are described inorder to prove the convenience of the selective demolition compared to the traditional demolition.
pagine: 95-102
ISBN: 10.4399/978885489916211
data pubblicazione: Gennaio 2015
editore: -
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