New Management and Designing Models for a New Real Estate Quality
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The article addresses the issue of the technological change that has affected the construction industry,focusing and analyzing in particular the question of creating “new value” achieved through anarchitectural enhancement characterized by the implementation of radical redevelopment projectsconducted on obsolete buildings. The enhancement process is illustrated with significant detailespecially for what concerns interventions on office buildings. After the introduction of the actorsinvolved in the process (shareholders and stakeholders), it is explained the management model thatcharacterizes the operative method of a successful enterprise working in this sector. Finally thepresentation of a case study of an intervention conducted on a tertiary building located in the city ofMilan, in northern Italy, shows the benefits gained by the application of the best and most effectivestrategy. Here are analyzed both the most innovative technical devices chosen and the technologicalperformances obtained at the end of the building construction, specifically deepening theenvironmental and energetic solutions adopted.
pagine: 137-155
ISBN: 10.4399/978885487785612
data pubblicazione: Gennaio 2015
editore: -
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