Conflittualità politica e dialettica della verità

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The article is focused on the conception of “dialectics” as “semantics of philosophical concepts”, such as truth, being, justice. The ubiquity and at the same time frailty of these concepts are especially stressed: their frailty is at the origin of nihilism, but nihilism, intended as negation of truth, being, justice and so on, is untenable, as the concepts involved are ubiquitous and therefore undeniable. The awareness concerning these dialectical results is the distinctive note of the hermeneutical- nihilistic conception of truth.
In section 1 the notion of dialectics as logic of conceptual properties, between Kant and Hegel, is delineated; in section 2 the self-contradiction of nihilism is presented; section 3 presents instead the frailty of undeniable concepts, and section 4 is focused on the dialectics of truth, as implied in Tarski’s schema; section 5 analyses the source of conceptual dialectics as presented by Hegel in his Lectures on the History of Philosophy. Finally, section 6 reconsiders Vattimo’s hermeneutical-nihilistic conception of truth in the perspective of the philosophical bases of political conflicts.

Keywords: dialectics, truth, nihilism, contradiction, hermeneutics
pagine: 89-112
ISBN: 10.4399/97888548284697
data pubblicazione: Gennaio 2015
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