La disciplina degli aiuti di Stato ed i limiti all’applicazione del criterio del creditore privato
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In the comment to the judgment of 6 March 2018, in case C-579/16 P, European Commission, V. FIH Holding A/S, and FIH Erhvervsbank A/S, it is explained how the Court of Justice, in assessing a national measure in the light of the European rules on State aid, has specified the limits within which the private creditor test applies. In particular, the Court has clarified that when the State has already intervened in favour of a company granting it a State aid, it has qualified its behaviour towards it. It follows that any subsequent measure connected with the aid, even if aimed at containing or reducing the same responsibility of the State deriving from the guarantees assumed with the first measure, cannot be assessed in the light of the private creditor criterion and must be qualified as a new aid. In any case, if the intention of the State to contain its financial responsibility does not affect the assessment of the measure as an aid, its compatibility with the EU law may be established in application of one of the exemptions set out in art. 107, par. 3 TFEU.
pagine: 71-83
ISBN: 10.4399/97888255208116
data pubblicazione: Gennaio 2015
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