I regolamenti europei del 24 giugno 2016 nn. 1103 e 1104 sui regimi patrimoniali tra coniugi e sugli effetti patrimoniali delle unioni registrate
The problem of a common regulation of the property relationships between the same sex spouses, as well as the one concerning the property relationships in the registered civil partnership, was known and it has started to be tackled in Europe since 2003, but despite the adoption of the 2016 Regulations number 1103 e 1104, the goal of a common regulation accepted by all the Member States has not been achieved. Therefore, once again the enhanced cooperation procedure overcomes the problem of the failure to follow the Regulations and the franco-german agreement proves it. But in this matter too, a sharing/agreement between all the Member States would be necessary in order to adopt a common regulation, it is only in this way, indeed, that continuing along the path of a substantial European integration will be possible, rather than pursuing the road resulting from the procedure of closer cooperation, which creates groups of hegemonic countries or even an intermediary organisation between the single States and the Union itself.
pagine: 104-119
ISBN: 10.4399/97888255125196
data pubblicazione: Gennaio 2000
marchio editoriale: -
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