Gli “aspetti” del cibo. Meditazioni semiotiche su gusto e disgusto

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Food is intrinsically linked to time: first of all, the “food–material” is a living material, both physiologically and symbolically, since it is subject to organic decomposition, but can also acquire value because of ageing. Furthermore, different ingredients are generally combined together and “cooked” (in a Lévi–Straussian sense) according to specific instructions and preparation times in order to create various dishes and courses, which are also influenced by the temporal dimension, since they cool down or melt with the passing of time. Similarly, but also differently, the perception of food is strongly related to time: the tasting experiencedevelops through different steps, involving various senses and imensions.This paper deals precisely with the temporal characterisation of taste(and dis–taste), by relating the theoretical reflection on the perceptualdimension of the eating experience to temporality and aspectuality.
pagine: 415-439
ISBN: 10.4399/978882550876521
data pubblicazione: Gennaio 2000
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