XIII Annual International Scientific Water Conference
”Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water”
giovedì 18 ottobre 2018 - domenica 21 ottobre 2018

Ramada Sofia City Centre
boulevard Maria Luiza, 131
1202 Sofia

Giuseppe VITIELLO, Water Electromagnetic Imaging and the Polymerase Chain Reaction
James BROWNRIDGE, Electrical, convective and thermal activity in cooling, freezing and melting water
Tomiichi HASEGAWA, Possibility of organic synthesis after the flow of water through micro-orifices
Luís Paulo N. REBELO, Water at deep negative pressure – high isotropic tension: structure & dynamics
Lionel MILGROM, Why is catalase so fast? A Novel Hypothesis to Explain the Incredibly Fast Enzyme-catalysed Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide
Leoni Villano BONAMIN, Physical properties of high dilutions and the corresponding biological action
Kirsten DEUTSCHLÄNDER, Why we should all be interested in water - surprising effects of a Mineral Drinking Cur with Artesian Spring Water

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