International Conference “Models in Population Dynamics and Ecology” 2014
lunedì 25 agosto 2014 - venerdì, 29 agosto 2014

Università degli Studi di Torino
Dipartimento di Matematica “Giuseppe Peano”
via Carlo Alberto, 10
10123, Torino

This is the next annual conference in the MPDE series after several very successful previous meetings such as MPDE '10 (Leicester), MATE '11 (Colchester), MPDE '12 (Santa Maria) and MPDE '13 (Osnabrück). MPDE '14 will focus on various aspects of population dynamics, ecology and eco–epidemiology and is expected to explore the processes and mechanisms ranging from the micro-scale of individual movement to the macro-scale of populations and communities, with applications to metapopulations, regional dynamics and geographical invasions. It is also expected to explore similarities between the modelling techniques traditionally applied in ecology and those used in other life sciences with the purpose to enhance interdisciplinary approaches and to stimulate further advances in mathematical ecology and population dynamics.


Population dynamics
Ecological complexity
Individual and collective animal movement
Biological invasions and spread of epidemics
Models of collective dynamics
Ecological pattern formation

Plenary speakers

Carlos Alberto DOS SANTOS BRAUMANN (Evora, Portugal)
Edward CODLING (Essex, UK)
Vittoria COLIZZA (Paris, France)
Alan HASTINGS (Davis, USA)
Andrew MOROZOV (Leicester, UK)
Natalia PETROVSKAYA (Birmingham, UK)
Andrea PUGLIESE (Trento, Italy)
Alberto D’ONOFRIO (IPRI, Lyon, France)
Nico STOLLENWERK (Lisbon, Portugal)

Scientific committee

Edward CODLING (Colchester, UK)
Ulrike FEUDEL (Oldenburg, GER)
Michel LANGLAIS (Bordeaux, FRA)
Horst MALCHOW (Osnabrück, Germany)
Diomar Cristina MISTRO (Santa Maria, BRA)
Sergei PETROVSKII (Leicester, GBR)
Jean-Christophe POGGIALE (Aix-Marseille, FRA)

Organizers: Ezio VENTURINO (Università degli Studi di Torino), Sergei PETROVSKII (University of Leicester)

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