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International Journal of Architecture and Engineering

Sustainability in Infrastructure Design
It is well understood that the main objective of infrastructure design code specifications is to protectthe public’s welfare, health, and safety; none of which appear to be directly related to sustainability,which as a movement focuses attention on protecting the natural environment, conserving resources,and minimizing the toxicity of construction materials and processes. However, a number ofjurisdictions have adopted language based on the United States Green Building Council to curtail theadverse effects of global warming gases and minimize environmental impact of new construction; insome cases to improve air quality in the community and to increase the long-term viability of localconstruction. In this chapter, we provide a survey of the available literature and review recent andsome pending changes to design specifications found in building codes related to sustainability;particularly related to structural concrete, steel, timber, and other construction materials. Thesematerials’ code writing entities have made a commitment to provide guidance to the designprofessionals regarding sustainability. Some of the groups are further along than others, but all haveworking groups (as of early 2011). Also, the International Code Council, Inc. has written a publicversion of the International Green Construction Code with the final version slated to be published in2012; this is the first step towards making sustainability common place in all infrastructure design.
pagine: 119-135
DOI: 10.4399/978885487785611
data pubblicazione: Novembre 2014
editore: Aracne