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Dialogo e conflitto

Aristóteles y Vattimo: El conflicto de las racionalidades y la tradición del debolismo
The central subject of this writing is to work in the exploration – following an Aristotle’s lesson in his First Philosophy: Book IV 2 – of the conflictual relationship between three kinds of reason: the Dialectical one, the Sophistic, and the Philosophical thought. This analysis permits to realise how in our time Gianni Vattimo’s Debolist Hermeneutics – after Gadamer, the Second Heidegger and the critic of the metaphysics based on Nietzsche – is one of the best positions and perspectives for going on in Philosophy, weakening the violence of the dialectical metaphysics and its sophistic brutality from their own roots, after the dialectics of the Enlightenment and the unwanted results of the un-limited nihilistic capitalism.

Keywords: dialectic, sophistic, possibility, action, limit, violence
pagine: 49-68
DOI: 10.4399/97888548284695
data pubblicazione: Novembre 2015
editore: Aracne