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International Journal of Architecture and Engineering

Through this article we aim to discuss some methodological premises and operative results of a research project, named Eridano museum network, implemented in close partnership among a University laboratory of Emilia- Romagna High Technologies Network (TekneHub), the Regional Museum Pole Emilia-Romagna, two National Museums, four civic Museums, one Archaeological dig and a creative enterprise (TryeCo 2.0 srl).Along the Eridano old river’s territory we intended to create an interactive and a dynamic museum system, where are included different types of cultural places as the Archaeological National Museum in Ferrara, Abbey and Museum in Pomposa like National Museums, Civic Archaeological Museum in Stellata, Civic Museum in Belriguardo, Territory Museum in Ostellato, the Museum of Ancient Delta in Comacchio like local museum, and also the Archaeological excavations of Terramara in Pilastri.In a first part, some methodological question is intertwined with this research theme and with the concepts of identity and cultural landscape. In a second part, some testimonies of this territory become narrative tools through the storytelling coming from an evocative network of museum and archaeological sites linked to Eridano river's history. In the third part, some documenting, representing and digitising activities dedicated to this cultural heritage are explored through the research, involving different actors, like archaeologists, museographers, teachers, students and other visitors of museum and archaeological sites.Keywords: museum network, identity, mapping
pagine: 169-177
DOI: 10.4399/97888255398754
data pubblicazione: Dicembre 2020
editore: Aracne