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International Journal of Architecture and Engineering

El Plan De Pitic: Reformismo Y Utopía En Tiempos De La Ilustración. The Pitic Plan: Reformism And Utopia During The Enlightenment
The 1783´s Instruction for making new towns, known in historiography as “Plan de Pitic”, can be seen as a culmen in the experience of Spanish America in establishing cities, particularly in the northern territories. These were regions characterized by their emptiness and the persistent threat from the hostile Indians. The critical reading of the “Plan de Pitic” reveals its singularity in contrast to some other contemporary mandates because it was imposed as a totalizer model for projecting new settlements, like a doctrine, in the manner of a utopia. On the other hand, it leads to recognizing the idealism and conceptions of the Enlightenment on issues such as property, wealth, otherness and the city.
pagine: 73-86
DOI: 10.4399/97888255341225
data pubblicazione: Giugno 2020
editore: Aracne