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International Journal of Architecture and Engineering

Building to renew three resilient projects
Three built projects are presented with the intent of both revealing their conceptual bases as well assharing their starting points and the ideas that have stratified and materialized within them.In the undifferentiated urban territory of the sprawling city between Naples and Caserta they opposeand resist urban decay recovering and reactivating those elements that still have meaning in theircontext. Through their tectonics and monolithic character they oppose the fragmentary and temporaryquality of the surrounding built context. The clarity and evocative character of their forms contrast theindifference and anonymity of the innumerable villas and small houses besieging the context. Theypromote the primacy of spatiality over speculative exploitation and objectual dominance as well asthe expression of materials and the control of natural light over homologation and lack ofexpressiveness of their context. They seek ways to offer present and future relations to what is aroundthem
pagine: 30-37
DOI: 10.4399/97888255186034
data pubblicazione: Ottobre 2018
editore: Aracne