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International Journal of Architecture and Engineering

Non standard territories. Architecture as a process
This research about non-standard territories has being developed under the international agreementbetween DiARC and ENSA Nantes and focuses on Villaggio Coppola and the Domitian Coast. Themain issue is to identify the meaning of non-standard related to different kinds of territories whichare experiencing various conditions. The specific case of Villaggio Coppola is based on a contextgoing through a social, urban, economical and natural crisis. The first step has been a deep andcomplete exploration of the territory and its different aspects through interviews and surveys thatgave the chance to give a scientific interpretation of what led Villaggio Coppola to be considered nonstandard.A key role of these studies was covered by a multi-disciplinary approach that helped inbuilding different kinds of atlas, meant as tools, that could be useful both to analyze and to makeconcrete actions on the territory. These studies finally merged into three project scenarios on a flexibletemporal horizon (consecutive or contemporary), alternatives to a wider catalog of possibilities,aiming to the upgrade and the regeneration of what turned out to be potential new points of referencefor a stray community. The theory is to regenerate Villaggio Coppola through a kind of process whichis not only aware of the context, but mostly struggles to be part in a bigger mechanism where manysmall previous actions lead to a project that shares a strong and deep relationship with the existing.
pagine: 172-179
DOI: 10.4399/978882551860319
data pubblicazione: Ottobre 2018
editore: Aracne