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A natural context with a very varied morphology, characterized by hills covered by woods,spontaneous maquis, brooms, pastures and crops that form the hidden connective tissue thatconstitutes, in this area, the indissoluble link between environment and history and betweenlandscape and architecture.At 749 meters above sea level, in a district of Roman origins named Carmasciano, between themunicipalities of Guardia Lombardi and Rocca San Felice, the Carmasciano farm was born.Here the pastures are full of herbs of various essences subjected to constant sulfur fumes from thenearby Mefite, a mystical and arcane volcanic site. Very few shepherds produce a pecorino unique inthe world that takes its name from the district: the Carmasciano.In this context, Feudi di San Gregorio decided to invest starting a project of social and territorialrecovery, starting from the product that characterizes it: the pecorino di Carmasciano.Buy ten hectares of land with oak trees, an olive grove and a country house built after the earthquake,like a bunker, entirely made of cement. This pre-existence, devoid of architectural quality, isnevertheless a privileged place in the landscape, almost an abstraction, a consolidated image that, as avital organism, is ready to accept better expectations of life rather than a demolition.
pagine: 162-169
DOI: 10.4399/978882551860318
data pubblicazione: Ottobre 2018
editore: Aracne