Language Across Cultures
Collana in lingua inglese diretta da Francesca Trusso

This series brings together authoritative, user–friendly ac counts of various cross–disciplinary approaches to language across cultures. The practical guides that compose the series offer a pluralistic perspective on language and communication, rather than an in–depth analysis of specific issues or a collection of critical studies. They are meant to provide comprehensive, clear and accessible explanations of terms and concepts, as well as evaluations of a range of theoretical approaches. The series offers a well–rounded understanding of language as a social semiotic from a cross–disciplinary standpoint. It identifies the place of linguistic signs and linguistic communication within the broader domains of semiotics and communication in general. The target audience includes students taking introductory courses in disciplines dealing with communication, language and cultural studies, and issues of representation. The guides aim at familiarizing readers with a wide range of semantic and linguistic phenomena in preparation for more detailed study of a particular area, or as a background for other studies. In fact, these guides can be used as both reference works and textbooks.Emphasis is on practical application, with generous examples, selected readings and ideas for research. Advanced semiotic and linguistic concepts are presented in a basic, straightforwardformat. Each guide also contains an up–to–date resource bibliography, activities and suggestions for further reading.
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