Languages & their pronunciationS
Direttore Luciano Canepàri

Aracne new series: Languages & their pronunciationS (directed by Luciano Canepàri,Phonetics and phonology, University of Venice, Italy).
This new series contains some books on the pronunciation of important languages. Theirpronunciation is accurately described following the Natural Phonotonetic Method, based on arigorous system of symbols, a rich set of clear figures, and unambigouos terminology.The Method has been developed by the series director, who was trained in the LondonSchool of Phonetics, whose acknowledged practical and scientific tradition he expanded andcompleted.
So the vowels, consonants, and intonation system of each language can be fully shown,more so than in most other books, and applied to their international, neutral, and mediaticpronunciations, including their regional accents.The first volume English PronunciationS (3rd ed. 2013) has been followed by Dutch &Afrikaans PronunciationS. Some forthcoming volumes are: German PronunciationS, Spanish PronunciationS, French PronunciationS, Portuguese PronunciationS, and Chinese PronunciationS.
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