Intelligent Landscape
At the beginning, we thought that the title could be “Smart Landscape”, but after discussions we have decided that the word “Intelligent” means something more than just being ‘smart’. Smart means we take something and simply make it work better, whereas ‘intelligent’ means many things. In this editorial series, we are not just interested in smart ways to solve inefficiencies; we are interested in the depth of what is means to apply intelligence to landscapes. Today, everything seems to be smart: smart phones, smart growth, but intelligence looks for something unusual, to understand the things behind appearances, to understand things beyond just their systematic instrumentality. The “INTELLIGENT LANDSCAPE”, wants to connect the discipline of landscape architecture with the life of our cities, and the extended territories they now influence. With this editorial series, we want to cross the large and small scale of design intelligence and influence the forms of the world we have inherited. We think that landscape intelligence is not about just making images of nice places; it is about the process: the process of analyzing, exploring, thinking and designing new futures for places.
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