Esempi di Architettura
International Journal of Architecture and Engineering
Scientific Director Olimpia Niglio
Editorial Director Gioacchino Onorati
Editorial Staff Pietro Artale, Enrico Bono
National Editorial Board Ferruccio Canali, Santo Giunta, Damiano Iacobone, Claudia Lamberti, Marzia Marandola, Bruno Pelucca, Ludovico Romagni, Chiara Visentin
International Editorial Board Antonello Alici, Alessandro Camiz, Rubén Hernández Molina, Noriko Inoue, Mabel Matamoros Tuma, Elisa Palazzo, Luis Manuel Palmero Iglesias, Francesco Rossini, Pastor Alfonso Sanchez Cruz, Karin Templin
Scientific Editorial Committee Renato Capozzi, Andrea Catenazzi, Martín Manuel Checa-Artasu, Francesco Costanzo, Giuseppe De Giovanni, Roberto Alfonso Goycoolea Prado, Benjamin Ibarra Sevilla, Taisuke Kuroda, Giovanni Multari, Jorge Vicente Ramírez Nieto, Rana P. B. Singh, Cesare Sposito, Federica Visconti

ISSN: 2384-9576
Periodicità: Semestrale
Abbonamento: 60 €
Abbonamento digitale: 20 €
The International Journal EdA Examples of Architecture – print version – was founded in 2007. The Journal with the requirement of “peer review” (clear peer review), was created to disseminate scientific papers published by universities and research centers, in order to focus attention on the critical reading of the projects. The intention is to create a place for a cultural debate on interdisciplinary topics, with the aim to investigate issues related to different fields of study ranging from history, restoration, architectural and structural design, technology, landscape and the city.
All material submitted to EdA International Journal – digital version and print version – is reviewed and edited by Scientif Director and other editors as required before publication. Text, bibliographies and references will be reformatted in accordance with editorial norms of EdA International Journal.
Special attention is given to language, grammar and technical terms, but changes may also be made in paper titles and in section titles. All changes are made with the approval of the author. Each author will receive their documents/papers in which editorial corrections/suggestions are made clearly evident so that the author is aware of the changes made. When the author signs the “Authorization to Publish” form before publication, he/she acknowledges that all changes have been seen and approved. It is very important to control also the copyrights of the text and of the images. In particular for the reproduction of images and other graphic material it is fundamental to send the permission and the authorization to the press. All the authors release EdA Esempi di Architettura from all responsibility if disputes arise from publication of the paper (such as disputes over rights to reproduction). The “Contributor's Authorization to Publish” form will be sent to all authors when galleys are sent for approval.

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