Vincenzo MANCA
Catania, 09/03/1949
Università degli Studi di Verona
Dipartimento di Informatica
Vincenzo Manca Aracne editrice

Vincenzo Manca is a Full Professor, since 2002, at the Computer Science Department of the University of Verona. He obtained his degrees from the University of Pisa, under the guide of Alfonso Caracciolo di Forino and Ennio De Giorgi, where he became Assistant Professor in 1980. He was Associate Professor at the Universities of Udine and Pisa. His research interests cover a wide class of topics from mathematical logic, discrete mathematics, and theoretical computer science to informational analysis and computational models of biological systems. He is author of more than 170 scientific publications, appearing in international journals and scientific series. He is member of E.M.C.C. (European Molecular Computing Consortium) and directed several research projects in the field of natural computing, collaborating actively with several international research groups. He was co-founder and president of the Programme in Bioinformatics, at the University of Verona (theFaculty of Sciences). Since October 2012 he is president of CBMC (Center for BioMedical Computing, of the University of Verona).
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