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Marek GZIK
Gliwice, 03/09/1971
Politechnika Śląska - The Silesian University of Technology
Deapartment of Applied Mechanics
Marek Gzik Aracne editrice

Marek Gzik, nato nel 1971, è un ingegnere polacco, professore presso il Politechnika Śląska.

Area of research interest: Biomechatronics, biomechanics, biomedical engineering, applied mechanics, computer modelling in biomechanics.
Scientific and research equipment/apparatus in disposal: Biomechatronics Department has set of dozen measuring systems, that allow to perform the experiments in biomechanics and bioengineering, concerned with human motion analysis, biomaterial properties and three-dimensional modeling of tissue and anatomical objects with use of virtual reality.
Offer for the industry/economy: offer of cooperation is addresses to scientific centers, research institutes and industrial companies and includes: Strength tests on structural materials, biological materials and mechanical objects (MTS INSIGHT 5, MTS 370.02 Bionix®, wideoekstensometr NG Messphysik, Q400 image correlation system); Numerical analyses of mechanical characteristics (distribution of stresses, strains and displacements) in anatomical elements and mechanical systems (ANSYS, LS Dyna software); Generation of 3D models of tank structures on the bases of TK or MRI medical images (MIMICS software); Generation of 3D models with the use of 3D scanner (360◦ system, 5 cameras); Complete kinematical analysis of the movement of human body and mechanical systems (BTS, APAS opto-electronic systems, ZEBRIS ultrasound system); Experimental diagnosis of the human kinetic system; Assessment of the kinetic features of athletes; Engineering support of planning surgical procedures; Design of medical, sports and rehabilitation equipmentCreation of interactive 3D visualizations in the “virtual reality” technology; Projection of objects in the 3D technology by means of CAVE system; Forensic expertise concerning the modeling of human behavior during accidents.
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