Palermo, 25/08/1963
Università degli Studi di Palermo
Scienze Politiche e delle Relazioni Internazionali - DEMS
Lorenzo Ferrante Aracne editrice

Lorenzo Ferrante is Aggregate Professor of Sociology at the University of Palermo, where he teaches Sociology; he is research Fellow at DEMS. His scholar interests focused on identity, immigrants, policies migration, social distance. Since 2004 he focuses his interests on patterns of social differentiation, on the representations of social space, the social construction of identity, biographical paths and discontinuities; he carried out researches on newcomers, and integration pratictices of immigrates. On these issues, carried out with projects of national and local academic research projects, he has published reports, articles and monographs, in national book, national and international journals. He has been speaker in several national and international conferences on the topics of research. He is peer reviewer in international sociological reviews. Among his last publications it has to be mentioned “Sociology of Ethnic Multiculturalism: crisis of integration, identity, reciprocity, governance” 2012, Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken.
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