Milano, 27/12/1939
Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica
Enrico Pagano Aracne editrice

Enrico Pagano was born in Milan (Italy) on 27.12.1939. He received the Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Naples in December 1963. Lecturer in Electromechanical Design at the University of Naples January 1964, full professor of Electric Machines at the University of Naples since February 1975. He is member of VDE and former member od the New York Science Academy. He is delegate by the rector for the international mobility of faculties and students and TEMPUS. He is promoter of symposia and education courses in the field of ropeways (Bozen 1980,1988, 1990). Head of Department of Eletrical Engineering of University of Naples Federico II in 1992-95. Promoter of many ERASMUS/SOCRATES agreement. Founder and President of ANAE (Italian Association for Electrical Drives) in 1987-2001. Former president of the electrical machine committee of CNR. Founder and Director of CRIAT (Research Center on Traction Drives) since 1985. President of CT301 (Electrical Drives) of CEI. Member of many scientific committees of international conferences in the field of power electronics and electrical drives.Chairman of the scientific committee of the conference SPEEDAM, CLEAN ELECTRICAL POWER and RAILWAY TRACTION SYSTEM. Professor Honiris Causa of the Techical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He is author of considerable number of scientific and didactic papers (200) in the fields of Electrotechnics, Power Electronics, Electrical Drives and Electrical Machines. Reviewer and member of the Editorial Board of the journal IET-Electric Power Applications. Reviewer of research programmes supported by italian government.
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