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Carla Cuomo Aracne editrice

Carla Cuomo, pianist and musicologist.
As a pianist, she studied at the Conservatory and completed in Piano Academy "Incontri col Maestro" in Imola. He started very young, artistic activity and has carried out an intense concert activity as soloist and in various chamber ensembles in Italy, Europe, Asia, the United States.
As a musicologist she formed at the Bologna University, where she get her degree and PHD under the guidance of Giuseppina La Face, Lorenzo Bianconi and Maurizio Giani.
The dual training, musical and musicological, the result of a personal need to thinking music in a complete way, led her to focus researches on aspects of both executive and interpretation, with attention to musical criticism, both educational and teaching music, with emphasis on appreciation of art music.
Before University career, she has taught for several years Music in schools of every grade and Piano in middle musical schools.
She is a University researcher since 2006. In Bologna University she is a professor of Pedagogy of music and she collaborates in the course of History of Music (prof. G. La Face).
The studies are centered on the Italian Music Criticism (Fedele d'Amico and Massimo Mila), Acoustic Ecology and Music Education. Disclosure, quality of listening and music education for intellectual development are the focus of research. In the methodological and didactic field she works in particular on the relationship of continuity between didactics of listening, didactics of music production (performance, composition, improvisation) and didactics of music history.
She promoted and organized conferences and musicological research-training courses for teachers in schools of every grade, the latter in collaboration with the Uffici Scolastici Regionali for Emilia Romagna, Puglia and Sicily, and with other agencies and local institutions.
She is a member of the Steering Committee of SagGEM - Group for Music Education, born within the Association "Il Saggiatore musicale”.
She is president of the Association "Le Muse e il Tempo. Centro di formazione, ricerca e didattica della musica”, by which develops educational music projects in schools, in order to bring in the concrete school context the assumptions of scientific research, but at the same time to test it on the methodological and disciplinary aspects.
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