Sebastiano D’Amico
Messina, 06/07/1979
University of Malta
Department of Geosciences

Sebastiano D’Amico (Ph.D.) has been working at the University of Malta since 2010. He was enrolled in the Physics program of the University of Messina where he was awarded the title of “Dottore in Fisica”. In 2005 he moved to Rome where he joined the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV). In 2007 he married Rosarianna and together with his wife he moved to U.S.A. to join the Saint Louis University (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department). His research interests are in the applied aspects of earthquake seismology. He is the author of several publications in this field. In particular, he is interested in seismicity and tectonics of the Central Mediterranean, earthquake ground motion and seismic hazard, earthquake moment tensor solutions, and ambient noise measurements on soil and buildings.
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