John Denis HEY
Tynemouth, 26/09/1944
The University of York
Department of Economics and Related Studies
John Denis Hey Aracne editrice

John Denis Hey is Professor of Economics and Statistics and Director of EXEC, the Centre for Experimental Economics, at the University of York in the UK, having resigned from my position as Professore Ordinario in Italy, where I was for some eleven years, first in Bari and then in Rome. He was Editor of the Economic Journal from 1986 to 1996. He was the co-founder (with Graham Loomes) of EXEC, the Centre for Experimental Economics at the University of York, and he is now back as its Director. With Daniela Di Cagno he established CESARE in Rome, with the generous support of Deloitte. While in Rome, he organised (with Daniela Di Cagno and others) the Twelfth FUR Conference in 2006, the ESA World Meeting in 2007 and IAREP/SABE in 2008.
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