Harrie KNOEF
Delden, 18/01/1957

Harrie Knoef Aracne editrice

Harrie Knoef is an experienced and committed all-round bioenergy expert. He gained considerable practical experience with the design, construction and operation of bioenergy power and CHP systems around the world (including a three-year posting in Indonesia), and has a thorough understanding of biomass conversion processes. As head of BTG’s former Project Engineering and Implementation unit he was in charge of a variety of bioenergy implementation projects. Throughout his long career Harrie has consistently shown to be able to complete challenging projects in a suitable manner.In 2005, Mr Knoef published the Handbook on Biomass Gasification, he organised several seminars and workshop to inform the market on the prospects of biomass gasification.He has been coordinating several European funded projects.In 2008, Harrie was project manager of a feasibility study on a 1 to 1.5MW cogeneration plant in Kenya to be constructed at a tea company. The project included recommendation with full justification of the most appropriate and economic technology to be used for heat and steam generation appropriate to the tea process requirements, conversion of the steam’s internal energy to kinetic, generation of electrical power and all ancillary equipment based on existing wood resourcesAs senior expert in biomass energy he has been involved in project development, business development, project finance, fund development and feasibility studies concerning bioenergy projects. He is engaged in several bioenergy power plants projects (combined with carbon credits), monitoring and energy conservation projects in several type of industries, a.o. in the tea sector in Indonesia and Burundi.Harrie was part of a team for the identification and development of a portfolio of biomass energy projects in the Czech Republic (investment volume 50 Million Euro). The portfolio contains over 20 municipal biomass district heating projects, in the range between 0.5-10 MWth, with a total capacity reaching 100 MWth. It was submitted to the first Emission Reduction Unit Procurement Tender (ERUPT) of the Government of the Netherlands. In 2002, the Czech Government approved the portfolio making it one of the first projects world-wide that will sell greenhouse gas emission reductions to a foreign government to count as contribution to its emission reduction target under the first Kyoto commitment period (2008-2012). One of the plants included is a biomass fired CHP plant at TTS CZ s.r.o. Trebic. 1.1 MWe, 7 MWth CHP plant, including an Organic Rankine Cycle. Straw and wood fired. The heat is used for district heating.
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