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Roma, 29/11/1948
Sapienza Università di Roma
Dipartimento di Economia e Diritto
Enrico Saltari Aracne editrice

Enrico Saltari is Full Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics and Law at Sapienza, University of Rome. Previously, he has held faculty positions with the University of Urbino and Bari. His research interests are both theoretical and empirical. They focus on the firms’ decision-making process in labor, capital and financial markets and on their interactions, especially in presence of markets imperfections. As a by-product of this strand of research, he also analyzed the investment decisions of a “green” firm in abatement capital to reduce the pollution externality created as a fallout of economic activity. Over the last few years, he investigated the causes of the slowdown of the Italian labour productivity. This research highlights the key role played by the dynamics of capital accumulation, with a special emphasis to the impact of the introduction of information and communication technologies on capital accumulation and production and the extent to which that is being affected by skills in the labour force.
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